At Alpha, students are exposed to a variety of subject disciplines at each grade level. The academic programme is enhanced by the multi-faceted resources of the School Library with its reference materials, cyber café and audio-visual facility.

The COVID 19 Pandemic has allowed us to fully activate our flipped classroom. The Crusade to improve our Connectivity; the support of our sponsors and donors and the commitment and motivation of our staff has allowed us to move successfully into virtual , hybrid learning using Google Classroom and ZOOM.

When we return physically our laboratories will continue to provide the students with practical experience in the Sciences, Information Technology and Home Economics and our adapted learning spaces will allow for Direct Internet Access to help us continue using our online platforms.

We pride ourselves in the outstanding performance of our students especially in External Examinations. The Academy continues to do well in fulfilling one if its core functions; providing our girls with a strong academic foundation that places them firmly on the path to excellence.