Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official form of communication?
The Alpha Emailing System is the official form of communication. You or your daughter may send any teacher an email using their e.g. and should expect responses within 24 hours; from Monday - Friday between 7:40am and 3:00 pm.
What are some of the Important email addresses?
Where there is need for information regarding school activities, or general queries an email may be sent to Please be reminded that office hours are from 7:40 am to 3:30 pm from Mondays to Fridays. We will make every effort to address concerns, queries within these hours. All queries regarding access to classes online should be directed to
Where can I find materials for online classes?
All material and activities will be posted on Google Classroom. Access Code will be sent by the various subject teachers/coordinators. The CMAAlpha-Zoom ( platform will be used for synchronous (live classes). Please note ZOOM classes will not be used for the dissemination of material.
Do I need to attend all classes and be on time?
Students must attend all classes and on time. Registers are marked at 7:40 am by Form Teachers each morning and all class teachers will mark their registers to ensure that all students are online and on time. All classes are compulsory. If a student is unable to attend a class the teacher must be notified and an explanation given by email. If a student is absent for a day or more the Form Teacher must be sent a written explanation from the parent by email.
How should I be attired for Online School?
Students must be appropriately attired for online school as dictated by the school’s dress code. Given the circumstances, students may wear school uniform or a school shirt with the school’s logo, for classes. Hairstyles should be simple and no weave, hair extensions or colour should be worn. No head ties or fancy headbands are allowed. No make-up or jewellery is allowed. Students will not be permitted into class if they breach these rules. The teacher has the right to hold persons in the waiting room until appropriately attired. If a student refuses to comply after warning then the student will be denied access to the class and disciplinary action will be taken.
How should I conduct myself in online classes?
Students must display appropriate conduct while classes are in session. There should be no unnecessary communication during classes. Students must designate an area at home, preferably around a desk or table for classes, where there is no noise, interruptions or distractions. If there is a need to be excused, permission should be sought and given. Students are expected to follow the instructions of teachers and where they need to ask a question it should be done as dictated by the teacher. All students are expected to be online as scheduled and all assignments placed on Google Classroom must be completed and submitted within the time limits set. Students who fail to do so will receive zero for that assignment. Consistent failure to submit assignments will attract demerits. Students are not allowed to scribble messages or drawings of any kind on screens. Please note this is a serious offence. The English Language must be used in online classes as classes are formal. When asking questions or using the chat room standard English must be used. Students must be respectful to teachers at all times. All incidents of disrespectful and disruptive conduct will be reported to the Coordinator or the Vice-Principal for actions to be taken.