board of governors

The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Management are set out in Regulation 89 of the Education Code which states inter alia.

The Board of Management is responsible for the Administration of the Institution for which it has been appointed…

The Members of the Board of Management 2022 are:

  1. Chairman - Mrs. Hermine Metcalfehermine metcalfe
  2. Vice-Chairman Sr. Susan Frazer , Area Administrator of the Sisters of Mercy
  3. Member- Sr. Marie Theresa Muhuhu RSM
  4. Member- Mrs. Grace Baston
  5. Member- Mrs. Sheree Martin
  6. Member - Mrs. Mary Thwaites-Whittingham
  7. Member - Mrs. Stacey Mitchell-Fraser
  8. NCE Representative - Ms. Shauna-Kay Allen
  9. Member - Miss Meris Haughton
  10. PTA President - Ms. Ann Clarke
  11. Alumnae Representative – Miss. Stacey Williams
  12. Member - Mr. Kevin Rodriguez
  13. Member - Dr. Blondel Crosdale
  14. Member - Mrs. Nicola Madden-Greig
  15. Academic Staff Representative – Miss. Dorothy Hylton
  16. Administrative Staff Representative – Miss Natanya Johnson
  17. Ancillary Staff Representative – Miss Novelette Smith