PRINCIPAL'S MESSAGE 2020/2021 - Mrs. Kali McMorriskaliMcmorris

 After twenty seven years in teaching in teaching, I start this academic year 2020 to 2021 as though it is my first! Like all of you, I am adjusting our new context and adjusting to all the new rules and protocols.

Many days I feel as though this is the worst that could ever happen to our world, but, as a historian I study the lessons of the past and know that as war time leader Winston Churchill says, “If you are going through hell, keep going.” I am not standing still, I am moving, growing and adapting to all that this period has to offer.

In fact, I greet you my daughters, with a true sense of GRATITUDE.

Although I am not seeing and hearing you in the school yard; I have interacted with more of you and with your parents more virtually, than I ever could have physically.

I worry that you are comfortable and getting to your classes but I am not as worried that you are safe because you are travelling home alone or late; or concerned that you will miss out because online we can always get the information and activities to you later.

There will be more opportunities for all of us to use our creativity, expand our tools of communication and true Alpharians, influence and lead a change in education and indeed our world.

So, let’s embrace this New Year with excitement not fear. In the words of our school song;

“… lift your standards high
Still march in proud array
As warriors through the darkness toil
Till dawns the golden days.”