Parents support the school in many ways including through the Parent Teacher’s Association.


The Association plays a vital role in maintaining harmonious and meaningful relationships between the parents and staff of the Academy. The Association performs many important functions to enhance the quality of campus life.

The Association meets at least three times a year and the sitting President serves on the Board of Management. The President is Mrs. Charmaine Daniels.

The P.T.A. Executive

  • President -  Charmaine Daniels
  • Secretary -  Doretha Stewart
  • Treasurer - Ann Clarke
  • Assistant Treasurer - David Bain
  • Public Relations Officer - Sandrine Thompson-Sappleton
  • Sitting Member - Marsha Cameron
  • Sitting Member - Cecile Roberts
  • Sitting Member - Alicia Nelson-Patterson
  • Sitting Member - Sandra Thompson-Derby


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